How to join

Install  Chia

Follow the official guide below:

Once you have installed chia go to
go to and send 100 mojos to your wallet address

Linux users

chia plotnft create -u -s pool

Once your node and wallet  are synced. Don't forget to add -c <pool_contract_address> to your new plots   

Windows and Mac GUI users

Follow the screenshots below

Step 2. Navigate to "Pool >Add a plot NFT"

Then click connect to pool  and enter

  to connect to our pool.

Step 3. create your (Chia) plots

Select our pool from the "Join a Pool" dropdown

From the command line use the new -c parameter in the “chia plots create” command. The -c parameter must be filled with your P2 singleton address (pool contract address)This address can be found via the “chia plotnft show” command