About our payment and fee system

No minimum withdrawls

You will always get payed out  after we get a block

Low 0.5% fees

We take 0.5% of  each block to cover hosting costs

More information below

 Legal mumbo jumbo and more details below

PPLNS - How does the Pool distribute block rewards?

Plotters. Club uses PPLNS (Pay Per Last N Shares) to distribute block rewards. This means when a block is won, we look at the last valid N partials (shares) submitted by all users in the Pool and distribute the block reward value based on your share among those N partials, taking into account the number of partials and the difficulty of each valid partial. This share is then credited towards your “Unpaid Balance”.

The N value is currently the number of partials in the last 24 hrs.

Only partials that are valid as defined by the official pooling protocol are counted.

Your PlotNFT must still be assigned to Plotters.club at the time of winning a block or you will not be credited. This means that even if you submitted partials during the PPLNS period but left Plotters.club for another pool or switched to self-pooling before a block was won, you would NOT be credited.


All values regarding PPLNS, Fees, and Payouts are subject to periodic review and may be changed. Any changes will be posted on some or all of these sources: https://plotters.club and in the official Plotters.Club Discord announcements at least 24 hours prior to going into effect.

By joining Plotters.Club, you agree to the distribution methodology (PPLNS), the schedule of fees including the means by which it is calculated and collected, and the payout schedule.